ATIS LEJIŅŠ [Curriculum Vitae]

Member of the 13th Parliament of the Republic of Latvia („New Unity” Parliamentary Group)
– Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional policy committee
– Public expenditure and audit committee
– Latvian delegation to the Baltic Assembly
– Chairman of the Baltic Assembly’s Economics, Energy and Innovation committee (info)
– Parliamentary committee for Investigating the mandatory procurement component (OIK)
– Chairman of the Group for interparliamentary relations with Romania
– Member of the groups for interparliamentary relations with India, Japan, Ireland, Sweden, Morocco

Remarkable publications:
– A Guest of the KGB (1985, PDF)
– Afghan odyssey: Latvian joins warrior brotherhood (1987, PDF)
– Russia’s self-imposed calamities: The case of Chechnya today and Latvia in 1917 (2005, PDF)
– Afghan mountain: the story of an eyewitness – Afghanistan, 1987 (2009, DOC)
– Remembering my grandparents: a hot Australian summer (2015, PDF)

Speeches during the Foreign Affairs debates in Latvian Parliament (Saeima):
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